Food For Thought

I really enjoyed working on this blog. I did not know what to expect when I first started, but I have learned a lot. Seeing that this has been a major topic of discussion within society, there are so many articles, blogs, and videos about this topic. I have included some great ones that I wanted to […]

“Real Talk: Stop Saying Black Women Don’t Get Married” I thought this article was great and a well appropriate note to end on. In my opinion it sums up what I have realized over the course of writing this blog: Black women do get married! Writer Demetria L. Lucas explains that Black women do indeed get married; however, there is more coverage when […]

“Solution to SBW Crisis: Black Women Should Just Marry Each Other”

Please take note of the overt sarcasm in this article. It also has some expletive language, but I thought the writer highlighted great points which is why I chose to write about it. This article is a lot more playful and sarcastic than the other articles I have written about. I think this article serves […]

“Marriage Rates Contribute to Wealth Gap for African-American Women” This article highlights the growing concern of older black women entering retirement age with not as much or no assets at all compared to their white counterparts. Dr. Fenaba Addo stated that research has shown that for black women, the marriage rate dropped off drastically in the 50s and 60s. Since only 37% of black […]

“Myth-Busting the Black Marriage ‘Crisis’ Panic over single black women is unfounded. Two black scholars have the numbers to prove it.”,0 So, I understand that this article is a bit older than what is required, but I loved it and thought it was a perfect fit for my topic. Editor Jenée Desmond-Harris published this article for The Root highlighting the alleged  “marriage crisis” that has been going around regarding African-Americans. In this article, researchers Ivory A. Toldson, Ph.D […]

“Can Black Women Lead on Rethinking Marriage?”   This article touches base on a couple of interesting topics. It is mainly about marriages amongst black women and its political implications. The author Dani McClain (I think it is safe to say that she is a black female, although it isn’t specified), highlights the effects gay marriage has on black women. With […]