Food For Thought

I really enjoyed working on this blog. I did not know what to expect when I first started, but I have learned a lot. Seeing that this has been a major topic of discussion within society, there are so many articles, blogs, and videos about this topic. I have included some great ones that I wanted to write about, but couldn’t due to the date requirement. Below you will find the links to these articles. I think they are worth looking in to. I also have questions for the purpose of encouraging discussion that would be great to consider when thinking about this topic critically.


In what ways does society portray the idea that black women don’t get married? Why is this done?

What stigmas and stereotypes play a role in shaping this idea? Which ones further perpetrate it?

How can this “crisis” be addressed? Can it be changed? Will it ever change?


2 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. I think society portrays the image that a Black woman will never marry and if she does it won’t be long as a way to discourage black women from marriage. I personally see it as a way to repeatedly feed someone negative information about themselves until they begin to actually believe it.

  2. I think it’s also a way to try to isolate Black women, and make them feel discluded from society. If a peson feels that they are alienated from their society and have that idea repeatedly reinforced, then they begin to physically alienate themselves from their communities. And history has shown that whn Black women communicate and gather, realchange starts to happen, so the best way to stop this is to mke Black woen feel like they are somehow different and not worthy or capable of marriage in the way that other women are and that they should feel different becase of it.
    -Tesla Miller

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